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Dr Darren Burke

Athlete. Scientist. Entrepreneur.

About Dr Darren Burke

Dr. Darren Burke forged an esteemed research program and earned an expert reputation. During his tenure as a professor at St. Francis Xavier University, he imparted knowledge in sports nutrition, exercise physiology, and metabolism, also mentoring students to excel as scientists, as well as in fields like medicine and dentistry.

In 2008, Dr. Burke departed from his tenured university professorship to establish a line of sports nutrition products, encompassing protein powders, energy capsules, and muscle-enhancing creatine supplements tailored for professional athletes. His brand pioneered safe supplements for athletes in drug-tested sports, a stance that revolutionized the sports nutrition landscape, leading to widespread safety certifications in most supplements today. Within just five years, he transformed his venture from concept to a category leader in both Canada and the United States, ultimately exiting the business successfully when Nutrivo, based in Chicago, Illinois, acquired it.

Dr. Burke is a visionary leader with a relentless curiosity. Consequently, it came as no surprise when he teamed up with former NHL hockey player TJ Galiardi in 2018 to launch Outcast Foods—an innovative, sustainable technology-based company aimed at upcycling discarded fruits and vegetables bound for landfills. Partnering with farms, food brokers, and groceries, they converted late-stage or cosmetically rejected produce into nutrient-dense, long-shelf-life powders for use in natural health products. The company swiftly expanded from an idea to multiple manufacturing facilities, accruing a value surpassing $30 million in just three years.

Acknowledged as a frequent speaker, Dr. Darren Burke delivers enlightening presentations on diverse subjects like nutrition, cleantech, sustainability, and reducing food waste. His achievements were highlighted in 2021 when he received the esteemed EY Entrepreneur of the Year award for Atlantic Canada. Dr. Burke’s academic journey includes a graduate degree in Kinesiology and a Ph.D. in Exercise Physiology from the University of Saskatchewan in Canada.

Dr. Darren Burke has emerged as a trailblazer in innovative consumer products and sustainable food practices, revolutionizing the food supply chain and crafting optimal consumer goods. Leveraging his inventive approach to product development and brand establishment, he has disrupted multiple industries, crafting distinct and enduring consumer products.

“Working harder than the competition will result in success” -Dr Darren Burke

Dr. Darren Burke’s Remarkable Journey

Dr. Darren Burke’s childhood was characterized by his love for junk food and his chubby physique. Fortunately, his mother encouraged him to participate in a variety of sports, sparking his passion for physical activity. Quickly, his enthusiasm for different sports flourished, and he displayed remarkable skills in several of them. This aptitude propelled him to achieve multiple national championships and participate in international competitions.

Yet, what truly set him apart from his peers and even his extended family was his extraordinary intellect. Schoolwork was not a chore but a captivating journey. His curiosity for science enveloped him in its enchantment, propelling him to complete a Ph.D. in just three years, publish a wealth of scholarly articles, and swiftly secure a tenured position at the university

Then, the path veered into the world of business—ever dynamic, teeming with complex situations, and brimming with hurdles. Armed with no prior experience, he embarked on a journey to establish a sports nutrition brand, nurturing it from the seed capital of a $50,000 loan to a remarkable ascent, surpassing $20 million in revenue within just five years. This remarkable success eventually culminated in a triumphant exit strategy.

This victory served as a mere overture to the inception of a groundbreaking sustainable technology enterprise, co-founded in partnership with his lifelong friend and former NHL hockey player, TJ Galiardi. Their joint efforts focused on preserving the vital nutrients in food earmarked for landfills, giving rise to a venture that swiftly skyrocketed in value, exceeding the $30 million mark within a mere three years.






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Halifax , Nova Scotia, Canada

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