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In a groundbreaking collaboration, Canadian wellness pioneers Outcast Foods and Greenhouse have joined forces to revolutionize the sustainable utilization of surplus food byproducts. The partnership aims to eliminate millions of pounds of waste generated from Greenhouse’s cold-pressed juicing operations.

Traditional juicing processes, while yielding nutrient-rich juice, also generate substantial quantities of leftover pulp, much of which typically ends up in landfills or is repurposed as agricultural feed. Outcast Foods, led by CEO Dr. Darren Burke, employs an innovative sustainable food technology designed to extract high-value nutrients, polyphenols, and fiber from the discarded pulp, transforming it into a valuable raw material for the creation of novel and sustainable food products.

Greenhouse, committed to a zero-waste model since its inception in 2014, produces significant amounts of organic pulp byproduct daily. Previously destined for composting on farms, this surplus pulp will now be creatively upcycled into exciting new products through collaboration with Outcast Foods. Anthony Green, CEO of Greenhouse, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, emphasizing the company’s dedication to continuous improvement and positive environmental impact.

Outcast Foods utilizes a state-of-the-art three-step process to transform fruits and vegetables into dried powders, effectively preserving nutrients and extending shelf life to three years. The company’s mission centers on reshaping the broken food system to create sustainable nutrition for both health and the planet. TJ Galiardi, co-founder of Outcast Foods, highlighted the critical need to address food waste in the current uncertain food supply chain, emphasizing that upcycling Greenhouse’s pulp will yield high-quality North American fruit and vegetable powders for incorporation into delicious and sustainable new products.


Outcast Foods has pioneered a technology capable of converting surplus fruits and vegetables into high-value whole plant powders. This innovative approach significantly reduces food waste, minimizes greenhouse gas emissions, and extends the longevity of nutrients in food. Collaborating with farms, food brokers, and grocers, Outcast Foods transforms imperfect produce into natural health products, pet food, and cosmetics. Further information can be found at


Greenhouse stands as an organic beverage company committed to providing widespread, sustainable access to top-quality plant-based nutrition. Founded in 2014 in Toronto, Greenhouse has evolved from a single shop to operate an SQF- and HAACCP-certified production facility, multiple store locations, and a direct-to-consumer delivery service in the Toronto area. With distribution in hundreds of grocery and foodservice locations nationwide, Greenhouse has garnered recognition through various brand awards, including DesignThinker of the Year in 2019 and Strategy Brand of the Year in 2018. Additionally, the company was named a Top Startup by LinkedIn in 2019. For more details, visit

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