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Outcast Foods: Cultivating a Greener Tomorrow in Canada’s Top 10 AgTech Ensemble!

🌱 Outcast Foods (Founded in 2017)

  • Founders: Darren Burke and TJ Galiardi
  • Headquarters: Halifax, Nova Scotia
  • Funding: $4 Million
  • Investors: Joe Thornton, Jamie Bagnell, John-Michael Liles, Stuart Rath, and Adam Lowry
  • Mission: Transforming surplus produce into high-quality whole plant powders, reducing food waste, and championing sustainability.

🚀 Farmers Edge Laboratories (Founded in 2005)

  • Founders: Curtis Mackinno and Wade Barnes
  • Headquarters: Winnipeg, Manitoba
  • Funding: $103.6 Million
  • Investors: Kleiner Perkins, Sustainable Development Technology Canada, Mitsui & Co, Rio Investment Partners, and Osmington
  • Expertise: Precision agriculture and autonomous data management solutions.

🌿 Terramera (Founded in 2010)

  • Founder: Karn Manhas
  • Headquarters: Vancouver, British Columbia
  • Funding: $82.8 Million
  • Investors: BDC Venture Capital, Sustainable Development Technology Canada, Export Development Canada, Sumitomo Corporation, S2G Ventures, Bold Capital Partners, Renewal Funds, Neue Funds, ArcTern Ventures, Ospraie Ag Sciences, ACA Investments Pte.Ltd., Maumee Ventures, and IKEA GreenTech AB
  • Innovation: Green chemistry, AI, and machine learning for plant-derived substitutes to synthetic chemical pesticides and fertilizers.

🌾 Concentric Agriculture (Founded in 2007)

  • Founders: Ananda Lynn Fitzsimmons and Margaret Bywater-Ekegärd
  • Headquarters: Montréal, Quebec
  • Funding: $73 Million
  • Investors: Sustainable Development Technology Canada, Cycle Capital, Desjardins-Innovatech, Pontifax AgTech, Closed Loop Capital, TPG Alternative & Renewable Technologies, Cairn Investment Group, and RedMetal
  • Focus: Specialty organic products enhancing crop yields and soil replenishment.

💧 Ostara (Founded in 2005)

  • Founders: Edward Jones and F. Phillip Abrary
  • Headquarters: Vancouver, British Columbia
  • Funding: $56.7 Million
  • Investors: VantagePoint Capital Partners, Frog Capital, Wheatsheaf Group, and Foursome Investments
  • Innovation: Nutrient recovery technology turning wastewater contaminants into high-value fertilizers.

🌐 Resson Aerospace (Founded in 2013)

  • Founder: Peter Goggin
  • Headquarters: Fredericton, New Brunswick
  • Funding: $27.7 Million
  • Investors: BDC Venture Capital, New Brunswick Innovation Foundation, BDC Capital Corporation, Rho Canada Ventures, East Valley Ventures, Monsanto Growth Ventures (MGV), Build Ventures, Mahindra Rise, and McCain Foods
  • Expertise: Bioinformatics and data analytics for personalized agriculture solutions.

🔧 Dozr (Founded in 2015)

  • Founders: Erin Stephenson, Kevin Forestell, and Tim Forestell
  • Headquarters: Kitchener, Ontario
  • Funding: $13.6 Million
  • Investors: Ontario Centres of Excellence, VentureClash, Fair Ventures, Juan Carlos Mas, and BaseCamp Equity Partners
  • Innovation: Worker-to-worker equipment sharing platform for efficient farm equipment utilization.

🐟 XpertSea (Founded in 2011)

  • Founders: Cody Andrews, François Robitaille, Sylvie Lavigne, and Valérie Robitaille
  • Headquarters: Quebec
  • Funding: $9.2 Million
  • Investors: Real Ventures, FounderFuel, Obvious Ventures, Bradley Horowitz, Aqua Spark, YUL Ventures
  • Innovation: AI-driven data management for sustainable aquaculture.

🥛 SomaDetect (Founded in 2016)

  • Founders: Bethany Deshpande, Bharath Sudarsan, and Nicholas Clermont
  • Headquarters: Fredericton, New Brunswick
  • Funding: $8.3 Million
  • Investors: Creative Destruction Lab, Sustainable Development Technology Canada, New Brunswick Innovation Foundation, Government of Canada, 43North, iGan Partners, Builders VC, The Pearse Lyons Accelerator, Cavallo Ventures, New York Ventures, Western New York Impact Investment Fund, and Dairy Farmers
  • Innovation: AI and ML for real-time milk quality analysis, ensuring top-notch dairy production.

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Dr Darren Burke

Celebrated as a university professor turned entrepreneur, their journey from sports nutrition success to groundbreaking sustainable agriculture ventures is a story of innovation. With a relentless commitment to reducing food waste and carbon emissions, they're on a mission to reshape the future of food supply chains.

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