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A Visionary in Kinesiology Education

In a groundbreaking move, Dr Darren Burke, the first industry professor in the Department of Kinesiology, is not just teaching the nuances of entrepreneurship but actively embodying it. This innovative course, undertaken by 46 students, has become a hub of creativity as Burke shares his expertise while simultaneously launching his third company.

From Academia to Industry Leadership

Burke, once a professor specializing in sports nutrition, exercise physiology, and metabolism at St. Francis Xavier University, made a significant transition when he commercialized his research into a line of sports nutrition products. This leap led to the founding of a company that eventually became an industry leader, generating revenues exceeding $20 million.

A Life Devoted to Entrepreneurial Endeavors

After selling his first company in 2013, Burke took a hiatus to focus on family life before co-founding a sustainable agricultural technology company. Now, his entrepreneurial journey continues with a business using microbial fermentation to transform cosmetically rejected farm produce into probiotic-rich, high-protein food.

Educating Future Innovators

Apart from launching his third company, Burke serves as the entrepreneur in residence at Saint Mary’s University, contributing to its entrepreneurship center. His impact is palpable as enrolment in the entrepreneurship course at the Kinesiology department doubled after the first class, reflecting students’ keen interest in innovation and business.

Shaping Tomorrow’s Entrepreneurs

As the Kinesiology department plans to establish a collaborative makerspace, Burke’s involvement becomes pivotal. This space aims to provide students with the resources to foster their entrepreneurial spirit, mirroring similar setups in engineering departments. Gianni Parise, Acting Associate Vice-President, Research, acknowledges Burke’s key role in realizing this ambitious project.

From Friend to Collaborator: A Shared Journey

Having met during their PhDs, Burke and Parise discovered shared interests, eventually collaborating on a research project. Parise highlights the joy of witnessing Burke’s transition from academia to business and expresses excitement about his return to the university to inspire the next generation.

Empowering Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Burke’s course is leaving a lasting impact on students like Cara Pekos, who sees immense value in learning from someone who has successfully navigated the business world. With a discussion-based approach, the course allows students to generate and refine business ideas, fostering a spirit of innovation.


Through his course and life journey, Darren Burke aims to instill confidence and courage in students, urging them to embrace entrepreneurship. Despite the challenges, Burke believes in the endless opportunities and incredible rewards that come with venturing into the world of business.

To delve deeper into the insightful world of Dr. Darren Burke and stay updated on his latest thoughts, discoveries, and professional endeavors, be sure to follow his blog and connect with him on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Your journey into the realms of knowledge and innovation awaits!

Dr Darren Burke

Celebrated as a university professor turned entrepreneur, their journey from sports nutrition success to groundbreaking sustainable agriculture ventures is a story of innovation. With a relentless commitment to reducing food waste and carbon emissions, they're on a mission to reshape the future of food supply chains.

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